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Agencies across the health sector are using 2019 MTS results to shape medical training, and individual trainees are using the results to guide their training choices.

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) says the MTS has the potential to strengthen further the voice of trainees within its accreditation assessments and monitoring activities and help shape medical training.

Over time, the Medical Training Survey will enable the AMC to build a longitudinal view of how training programs are being experienced by trainees across Australia and whether College initiatives to improve training are having a positive impact from the trainees’ perspective

The Medical Training Survey will become an important data source in AMC accreditation processes, by bringing interns and trainees together with education providers and health services to review training against the AMC’s accreditation standards.

Published MTS results already enable education providers and health services to consider the experience of their trainees, relative to sector-wide results.

In 2020, the AMC has asked Colleges to reflect on 2019 MTS results and consider how, over time, they can be used in evaluation and quality improvement of training programs.

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