How do I access the survey results?

The 2019 Medical Training Survey (MTS) results are available in the Results section of the website. The results can be accessed in a variety of formats

What survey results are available?

All survey results are published in a de-identified and aggregate format. Consistent with our commitment, we have prioritised confidentiality so results are only published when there were 10 or more responses.

How do I create my own report?

You can create your own report using the ‘advanced filters’ and/or comparison tool in the Create your own report section of this website.

What is the purpose of the Medical Training Survey?

Medical Training Survey results will provide a snapshot of medical training in Australia, through the eyes of doctors in training. Survey data will be used by employers, colleges, educators and others to strengthen medical training.

By getting anonymous feedback from doctors in training, the survey will deliver robust national data that will help identify strengths in medical training, as well as potential issues so these can be addressed.


Why doctors in training are doing the Medical Training Survey

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