When will the 2023 MTS data be available on the data dashboard?

You will be able to create your own report, using the 2023 MTS data, at the end of January 2024.

How do I access the survey results?

The results for previous Medical Training Surveys (MTS) are available in the Results section of the website. The results can be accessed in a variety of formats:

  1. National and static reports – these can be downloaded - click on the ‘Report and results’ tab do you mean static reports - National and by cohort, state and territory, specialist medial college
  2. High-level snapshot – you compare state/territory responses with the national response under the ‘Dashboard’ tab
  3. Create your own report – you can create your own tailored report by using the advanced filters and/or comparison tool - by click on the ‘Create your own report’ tab. You can view your tailored report onscreen or have it emailed to you as a PDF document.

How do I create my own report?

You can create your own report using the ‘advanced filters’ and/or comparison tool in the Create your own report section of this website.

Use the ‘advanced filters’ and/or comparison tool in the data dashboard to select the fields you want, hit ‘apply’ and the specific results you’ve requested will be displayed (providing confidentiality thresholds have been met). You can download the results or have a PDF report emailed to you by submitting your email when you are ready to generate your report. It will take no longer than 1 business day to receive your report.

When does the MTS start?

The 2023 MTS is now closed.


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Find out how to create your own tailored report using the data dashboard.

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