Hear from your colleagues

Hear from your colleagues in these media

Associate Professor Stephen Adelstein – The Taking Care podcast
The effects of COVID-19
Dr Anne Tonkin, Chair of the Medical Board of Australia – Help improve the culture of medicine
Dr Isabel Hanson, GP Registrar – Has COVID-19 impacted your training?
Dr Isabel Hanson, GP Registrar – Reasons why doctors should do the Medical Training Survey
Taking Care podcast: A look into medical training in Australia
Dr Hash Abdeen on the Taking Care podcast why it’s important to hear about training experiences
Dr John Zorbas - MTS - I’m going to do the Medical Training Survey because
Dr John Zorbas - MTS - I will be following the link in the SMS from Ahpra...
Dr Hash Abdeen - I'll be doing the MTS when...
Dr Chris Wilson - 2019 results revealed areas for improvement
Dr Chris Wilson - We should all get behind the 2020 MTS
Dr Ekta Paw - MTS - The MTS is important because - square version
Dr Amna Saadi - MTS - Why should doctors in training do the MTS?
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Why you should do the Medical Training Survey
Dr Jessica Redmond, Intern
Dr Chris Wilson
Dr Brian Fernandes
Dr Tahmina Lata
Dr Bav Manoharan
Dr Tessa Kennedy, Chair of the AMA Council of Doctors in Training
Have your say! Do the Medical Training Survey
Dr Chris Zappala
Dr Tony Bartone
Dr Jacqueline Ho
Dr Jaffly Chen
Dr Michael Bonning
Dr Hash Abdeen
Dr Hash Abdeen
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