Thank you to all who participated in the 2020 MTS!


Close to 22,000 doctors in training have shared feedback about their training in the 2020 Medical Training Survey (MTS). That’s a 57% response rate, more than double last year, which is fantastic!

Look out for the results of the 2020 MTS in early February 2021.

Such a strong response rate has generated a rich dataset. It will be fascinating to learn more, directly from doctors in training, about what’s going well in medical training in Australia and what can be done better. We’re curious to learn how COVID-19 has impacted on training and whether, as we hope, updated questions on bullying and harassment paint a clearer picture of the culture of medicine.

Published results will include static reports detailing 2020 MTS results. As well, data from 2020 and 2019 will be accessible – and comparable - through our data-dashboard, creating the start of a longitudinal picture. You can already use the data-dashboard to develop tailored reports from 2019 MTS data.

As usual, we will prioritise participant confidentiality and only publish results when there are more than 10 responses.

Again in 2020, a huge team effort has delivered this great response rate. Most importantly, a huge thankyou to every single one of the 21,851 doctors in training who shared their perspective on training in the 2020 MTS.

Collectively and safely, you have generated a robust national data that you can use to inform your decision making and agencies across the health sector can use to support continuous improvement.

We are grateful to the individual doctors in training who lent their support to the MTS – your incredible effort and the personal stories you shared on social media really boosted participation rates.

A huge thank you too, to the agencies across the health sector who backed and promoted the 2020 MTS. And we are grateful to the members of our Steering Committee and Advisory Group, whose expertise and enthusiasm was again invaluable.

We’re always keen to do better, so if you did the 2020 MTS and have any suggestions about the survey design or layout that would make it easier to follow, get in touch at

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